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Filing a Complaint with the Texas Funeral Service Commission regarding a Crematory or Non-Perpetual Care Cemetery

(A cemetery owned by the state, a municipality, city, county, church or other religious organization is not regulated by the Commission).


            To verify that an individual and/or establishment is licensed with the Texas Funeral Service Commission, an individual may call:

The Public Information Officer


By phone, the Public Information Officer can verify a maximum of three names, with the following information: if the licensee is current, delinquent, void, retired, deceased and the type of licensure and expiration. Additionally, by phone the Public Information Officer may provide if a licensee has any disciplinary action. By law, information concerning current complaint status, current investigation status, or previously dismissed complaints may not be provided. 

             Anyone who believes that a professional or organization licensed by the Texas Funeral Service Commission has violated any rule or regulation governing the funeral industry in the state of Texas may file a complaint with the Texas Funeral Service Commission by submitting a Complaint Form to the Commission.


            For a chart showing the complaint resolution process please click HERE.  


 Please read the following instructions prior to completing the complaint form.  Your complaint will be reviewed to verify that the complaint is a potential violation of law/rules. Please type or print all information.



PERSON REGISTERING COMPLAINT: Please type or print your name, address and phone numbers.

COMPLAINT REGISTERED AGAINST: Please type or print the name, address, name of business and phone numbers of the person or establishment whom you are filing the complaint against.  If you are filing a complaint against more than one individual, please list the names, addresses and phone numbers on a separate sheet.

SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION: Supporting documentation is extremely important.  Please enclose any documents which support your complaint.  Please retain all original documents; enclose only copies.  You will be notified if original documents are needed.

DETAILS OF COMPLAINT: Below are suggestions that may help you in recalling details of your complaint.

Date of professional relationship: List the date the relationship began.

Date(s) of violations(s): List each date on which a violation (incident) occurred.

Details of Complaint: Describe your complaint.  Your narrative should address the reason(s) for your complaint.  Please be specific as possible by providing dates, places, times, etc.  If specific information is not available, please give the next best available: i.e., “I cannot recall the exact date, but it was a Monday in January…”.  It is helpful if you can note how you are able to recall the date or day of the week.  It is important to identify any witness(es) who may have knowledge of the event(s) that you have described.  If possible, any witness should be fully identified by name, address and phone numbers.  You may attach additional pages if necessary.  Please number and initial all pages of your narrative in the lower right hand corner.  Your complaint should include “who, what, when, where, why and how”.



Please keep a copy of your completed COMPLAINT FORM and any documentation that you have included.  Mail your completed packet to:

Texas Funeral Service Commission

P.O Box 12217

Capitol Station

Austin, TX 78711

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