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Filing a Complaint with the Department of Banking Regarding a Perpetual Care Cemetery


Step One:  File Consumer Complaint

          Complete the Special Audits Consumer Complaint Form or draft a letter of complaint. The complaint should include the name and office location of the entity. It should explain the problem in a simple, chronological narrative, making sure to include names and dates. Be specific and as brief as possible. Make legible photocopies of any documentary evidence which supports your claim and include them with the complaint. Do not send originals.

Mail the complaint to:

Texas Department of Banking

Special Audits Division

2601 N. Lamar Blvd.

Austin, Texas 78705-4294

Toll free#: (877) 276-5554


Or e-mail to:

Perpetual Care Cemetery: pfcpcc@dob.texas.gov


 Step Two:  Complaint Resolution

           If the matter is in litigation or if a court has made a ruling, the Banking Department will not intervene.

           Once your complaint is received, a copy of the complaint and any documentation are sent along with a cover letter from the Special Audits Division to the appropriate contact person for the supervised entity. The Banking Department allows 30 days from the date the complaint is mailed for the entity to respond.

           The entity responds directly to the consumer with a copy to the Banking Department. After a response is received, a determination is made if more information is necessary to effectively resolve the complaint. If necessary, we pursue obtaining such from the entity, the consumer, Banking Department personnel, outside resources, etc.

           If the review indicates the entity is violating current statutes, written notice is provided to the entity outlining the Banking Department’s conclusions along with a request for corrective action. The entity is provided an additional two weeks to provide more information and review further their records and resolve the situation.

           Within 10 days of receipt of the entity’s response which provides resolution of the situation in the opinion of Banking Department personnel, a letter is sent to the consumer explaining the entity’s response. If the consumer is unsatisfied with the resolution, he/she may seek further assistance from the Banking Department or private legal counsel.

           If an issue has been raised which may merit follow-up at an examination, the appropriate examiner will be notified.

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